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Hitachi announces a new storage services platform

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Hitachi Data Systems on Friday introduced Universal Storage Platform V (USP V), an all-new storage services platform with a 3.5 million input output operations per second (IOPS) of maximum performance. The platform increases virtualized storage port performance for external storage by up to 500 percent over its predecessor.

“The USP V takes performance to another level,” said Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “This is also innovation at its best—improving the architecture of a storage system to raise its performance at nearly all levels—in leaps. Performance is not discussed as often as it should be. If your applications don’t perform well, then your business suffers.”

Hitachi also announced its 4 Gb/s Fiber Channel Switch backplane in an enterprise-class storage platform which provides customers with a fast and cost-effective way to process and transfer data through a storage controller engine.

Hitachi continues to set the bar for enterprise-class, controller-based, heterogeneous storage virtualization-supporting common storage services,” said Carl Greiner, Senior Vice-president, Infrastructure and Software, Ovum. “The announcement of the USP V begins to render any controller performance or scalability issues mute. Virtualization-enabled dynamic provisioning allows storage utilizations to exceed 85 percent, delivering unique economies to storage infrastructures. This announcement most definitely takes storage virtualization to a new level.”

The Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V facilitates synergistic linkages across a broad spectrum of enterprise, mid-range and low-end storage systems, delivering unified, advanced storage services that span multi-dimensional virtualization, provisioning, partitioning, and replication capabilities.


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