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IBM and AMD first to announce 22nm SRAM chips

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IBM recently announced the production of its first functional 22nm SRAM cell. This is not the final processor as they are still 3 years into the future. The SRAM chips are basically the first semiconductor devices that are used to test a new manufacturing process.

These were built on the conventional 6-transistor design and on a 300mm wafer. This allows the SRAM cell to shrink to a mere 0.1 sq. " m compared to SRAM cells of 45nm proccessors which are 0.346 sq. " m.

Intel first demonstrated its 32nm SRAM cell in September last year and seems to be on track with its 32nm micro processor production which is codenamed Westmere. Meanwhile AMD still has a lot of catching up to do in launching its 45nm processors while Intel is all set to launch its second iteration of its 45nm line up, the Core i7 (Nehalem).

Inspite of the hype, the Phenoms failed to perform well compared to the Core2's and now their 45nm processors will attempt to take on Intel's Core i7.

Another thing IBM mentioned is that they will be using a 32nm high-K metal gate technology that no other company has used till now. Intel has been using this very same technology on its 45nm Penryns since last year, so its interesting to know what changes they have made.

While there is still time for the 32nm and 22nm processors to actually see the light of day, its good to know that IBM is already one step ahead and maybe this time Intel will have to re-think their strategy if they want to stay ahead of their game.


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